National 1:10 Electric Buggy Championship

The final stage of the National 1:10th Electric Buggy Championship was held in Tîrgu Mureș from 10-11 November. The organizers of this stage were the Scientific Cultural University, the Sports Club FxracingMS and the Technological High School ”Gh. Şincai “.

– As a result, the team from Tîrgu Mureș obtained:

– Fridrik Lucian and Jako Zsolt 2nd place on 4WD senior class teams

– Fridrik Lucian and Jakab Laszlo 2nd place on 2WD senior class teams

– Laczko Tibor and Fodor Gellert placed second in the 2WD junior class teams

– Laczko Tibor 2nd place individual 2WD junior class

– Jako Zsolt 3rd place individual class 4WD senior

– Fridrik Lucian 3rd place individual class 2WD seniors