i-Tech Târgu Mureș Workshop


UCS technological center – Center for innovation and technology, located on Gheorghe Doja street no. 250 hosted on October 24 the i-TECH workshop in Mureș, an event that had as its theme “Current trends in automation (robotics)”. The workshop was organized by the Scientific Cultural University, having as partners the Târgu Mureș City Hall and the Mureș County School Inspectorate, and the main objective was to revive the Mureș technical education.

The event was attended by many students and teachers, representatives of the regional business environment, the academic environment, from the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology “George Emil Palade” Târgu Mureș, Sapientia University Târgu Mureș, Technical University of Cluj Napoca- The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Constructions of cars, as well as of high schools with a technological and theoretical profile, with specializations in IT.

Besides presentations specific to the technical field , the visitors had the opportunity to test at the exhibition stands various products of the participants. We would like to thank the participants and collaborators and we hope to develop this concept in Târgu-Mureș.



Universitatea Cultural Științifică Târgu Mureș


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Târgu Mureș :

Universitatea de Medicină, Farmacie, Știință și Tehnologie din Târgu Mureș

Universitatea Sapienția Târgu Mureș

Liceul Electromureș

Liceu Traian Vuia

Liceul Aurel Persu

Liceul Ion Vlasiu

Liceul Constantin Brâncuși

Liceul Gheorghe Șincai

Liceul Bolyai Farkas

Colegiul Alexandru Papiu Ilarian

Colegiul Unirea

Școala gimnazială Mihai Viteazu

Palatul Copiilor

Imatex S.A

Malu Serv S.r.l

Aages S.r.l

Comterm S.r.l

Comterm S.r.l

Plasmaterm S.r.l

Napa Impex S.r.l

Top Electro S.r.l

Plamaserv S.r.l

Materom S.r.l

Procam S.r.l

Turbocam S.r.l

Appia Drones s.r.l

G&M S.r.l

Automobile Bavaria

Kovacs Trade S.r.l

Tmf S.r.l

Hasel S.r.l


3el S.r.l

Imsat Mureș S.r.l


Cluj Napoca:

Universitatea Tehnică Cluj Napoca ( UTCN, Construcții de mașini)

Acceture Romania


Haas Automation



IFM Electronic Romania

Tera Impex S.r.l