The Cultural Scientific University of Tîrgu-Mureş is a public institution of education and culture, founded in 1963, as evidenced by the documents in the archives. In the beginning it functioned as a form of activity of the House of Culture, and then, since December 1993, as an independent institution, with legal personality, under the Tîrgu-Mureş Municipal Council. Over the years, it has had several names, according to the demands of the times (Popular University, Cultural-Scientific University, Free University, since 1993 again Popular University, and from 2011 Cultural-Scientific University, with headquarters in the city center, Iuliu Maniu Street no. 4). But, regardless of name, it has retained it’s character and purpose for which it came into being, following the ideals of the great scholar, scientist and teacher of the people, Nicolae Iorga, to offer a good framework for the permanent education of adults, for continuous learning, skill development, helping ordinary people with reduced social conditions.

Since its inception, this institution has developed activities in this context, and later, with the demands of social and economic life, to broaden its scope of activity towards vocational training, qualification, retraining, professional re conversion of the people in the city and our county.

To facilitate this activity, has accessed several projects with national and international funding, such as: Phare, Grundtvig accessed in partnership with IIZ-DVV- Project Romania, with the Foundation Zonal Center for Adult Education Mures, BIRD, AJOFM, with the Tîrgu City Hall. Mures.

As an example, we can remember the projects:

  • Development of public participation in making decisions regarding the environment (the Popular University, in partnership with IIZ-DVV- Project Romania), after which over 300 people benefited from free training, thanks to the funds obtained.
  • Health education in the community – (People’s University in partnership with IIZ-DVV- Project Romania), after which 100 people benefited from free training – non-reimbursable funds.
  • Learning computer languages – weekend courses for young people from rural areas (Popular University in partnership with IIZ-DVV- Project Romania), after which over 80 people benefited from free training – non-refundable funds
  • Development of language skills in the field of Hotel Tourism – 50 trained persons – partnership Popular University – IIZ-DVV Project Romania – Continental Hotel – non-refundable funds
  • Developing the entrepreneurial spirit of the high school students – PHARE – PAEM – partnership: People’s University – Labor Directorate – Business incubator – over 300 young beneficiaries – non-reimbursable funds
  • Center for training and development of human resources in the field of sales – 56 beneficiaries – SC Flexcomp SRL – Popular University – non-reimbursable funds
  • Training of trainers – director of culture houses, computer science teachers, educators, teachers – 60 beneficiaries – Popular University – IIY-DVV – non-reimbursable funds
  • Ecological education of the population from the sub-mountain areas (Deda Bistra -Valea Mureşului) – 30 beneficiaries – Popular University – IIZ-DVV – non-reimbursable funds
  • Opportunities for young people – realized in partnership with the Bocşa Montană Culture House – beneficiaries 30 people, high school students, with group exchange – Popular University – CZEA Mureş – IIZ-DVV – non-reimbursable funds
  • Personal and organization marketing – 50 beneficiaries – CZEA Mureş, – Popular University Tîrgu Mureş – IIZ-DVV
  • School of Civil Servants – 60 beneficiaries – Tîrgu Mureş Popular University – Tîrgu Mureş City Hall – local financing
  • Dramatic art and communication – 30 beneficiary students – Popular University – IIZ-DVV, – non-reimbursable funds
  • Parents’ school – 20 beneficiary parents – Popular University – IIZ-DVV – non-reimbursable funds
  • Guidance Center for Adult Education – over 300 beneficiaries – Popular University – IIZ-DVV – non-reimbursable funds
  • Qualification Operator introduction, validation and processing data for the personnel available from the army – IBRD project – 36 beneficiaries – Popular University – AJOFM – IBRD – non-reimbursable funds

Starting with 2015, the Cultural-Scientific University has changed its organizational chart, the human resources that are part of its structure have experience in current and future fields, such as: promoting, organizing and advertising events, writing projects on non-reimbursable funds, climate change, meteorology, engineering and management, computer-aided design, radio control, IOT (internet of things), automation, radio communications.