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The skilled people in this profession weld or cut metal parts with the help of heat sources (electric arc or other processes) by cutting, melting; assembles metal parts by fusion; makes molds for metal casting; manufactures and repairs sheet metal articles.

The welder performs non-removable joints through various welding processes, to obtain a diverse range of products, using the specific welding technology equipment and equipment indicated in the technological documentation.

Welding processes: With electric arc: with steel electrodes, metal alloy and graphite coating, with combined electrode beam,

with coated electrodes (SEI), under flux layer, in protective gas medium (MIG / MAG – Metal Inert Gas / Active Metal Gas),

with non-fusible tungsten electrode (WIG / TIG), manual fusion welding, etc.


With gas flame: oxyacetylene, natural gas,


Cutting: electric arc, gas flame, plasma jet, etc.


Skills acquired following the assessment:


Application of legal provisions regarding health and safety at work and in emergencies

Application of environmental protection rules

Application of quality procedures

Work organization

Maintenance of work equipment

Identification of SDVs and welding equipment

Preparation of the welding operation

Execution of electric arc welding works

Execution of pressure welding works

Handling of welded parts and parts


The practice will be done in our own welding workshop or with our collaborators.

In order to attend this course it is necessary to complete the pre-university education of 10 classes.

  • Copy the last diploma of studies;
  • CV;
  • CI copy;

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