Social worker
Social worker

Social worker

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Social worker

The social worker is a qualified person who has a very important role in identifying the causes of social risk at the level of community members, being involved in activities that lead to the reduction of social risk situations at the individual level.

The beneficiaries of the social worker’s intervention are: children, children with disabilities, people at risk of social marginalization, adults with disabilities, people with mental health problems, the elderly, etc.

The social worker provides support services for the child / adult in a situation of social risk in the community or in a situation of separation from his family and for which a special protection measure has been taken.

The social worker participates in the identification of the beneficiary’s problem, in the identification of the solutions specific / adequate to his / her problem and in the implementation of the activities provided for the beneficiary in the intervention plan in order to reduce / eliminate the social risk.

The social worker carries out his activity within a team, within his institution and in the community, in the steps of identifying the situations of social risk and in ensuring the relationship with various specialized services, in the interest of the beneficiary. In all his activities, the social worker works together with the multidisciplinary team, in primary or protection services, at the level of an institution or inter-institutional.


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