Ethnography and folk art
Ethnography and folk art

Ethnography and folk art

Durata: 40 ore
Ethnography and folk art

The purpose of the Ethnography and Folk Art course is:

-Supporting and affirming creators in the field of authentic folk tradition and creation, for their protection against distortions, falsifications and tendencies of pollution and degradation.

-Cultivating the values ​​and authenticity of contemporary popular creation and non-professional interpretive art in all genres: music, choreography, theater, etc:

-Stimulating talent creativity, learning and promoting traditional crafts, cultivating the values ​​and authenticity of local folk creation and non-professional performing arts in the field of music.

Some topics studied:

-The notion of ethnography. Her dealings with other sciences. The significance of ethnographic research, of the contemporary socio-cultural reality.

-Contemporary ethnographic research.

Social culture:

-Settlements, households and traditional dwellings in Romania

Occupations of the Romanian people.


-Animal husbandry.

-Working in the woods. rafting

Secondary occupations of the people:

-Home textile industry. Traditional technical installations

-Peasant folk crafts

-Popular ports

Folk art:

-The art of peasant icons painted on glass

-Traditional customs

Habits that mark important moments in human life:

-The popular game

-Traditional music

-Kitsch, a phenomenon of pseudo-art

-Values ​​of cultural heritage


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