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Varice: Cum ajuta tratamentul cu laser endovenos in cazul venelor inestetice Comentarii pentru tratamentul cu laser varicose Conținutul Minimally invasive treatment, no pain, no scars.

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Immediate recovery, spectacular and long-lasting results. Outstanding Performance of the LaurusMedical Laser The wide wavelength, as compared to the other lasers available on the national comentarii pentru tratamentul cu laser varicose, allows for the ideal penetration of the beam into the depth of the venous wall, using a minimum quantity of energy, which helps practically eliminate the injuries caused varicoseza burning puternic lower performance lasers.

This is also achieved due to the radial dispersion of the laser beam, another absolute premiere as compared to the older laser models.

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The degree dispersion is an absolute premiere, unlike the older models. The procedure is provided as outpatient care, based on an appointments, following a specialized visit.

For common size varicose veins, LaurusMedical Clinics use another state-of-the-art technique — Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy UGFS -which also is a modern varicose vein varicoseza burning puternic treatment method and which has demonstrated and confirmed its efficiency both as part of our experience over the past years, and in recent international guidelines and trials.

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